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'Cactussen' by J. van Laren

Currently I have plant material of a number of species available. If you're interested in obtaining some of these, please send me an e-mail (some species names are clickable, which will bring up a photograph of the plant). Plants/seeds are free, apart from the costs of transportation.

Disocactus (Epiphyllum) anguliger
Kimnachia (Pseudorhipsalis) ramulosa
Lepismium lorentzianum
Pfeiffera paranganiensis
Rhipsalis baccifera horrida (zaad)
Rhipsalis baccifera horrida (R. fasciculata, zaad)
Rhipsalis clavata
Rhipsalis ewaldiana
Rhipsalis goebeliana
Rhipsalis grandiflora
Rhipsalis hileiabaiana (zaad)
Rhipsalis lindbergiana
Rhipsalis micrantha kirbergii
Rhipsalis neves-armondii
Rhipsalis puniceodiscus

Aanbod overige succulenten en kas- en kamerplanten

Ceropegia stapeliiformis
Frerea indica
Orbea variegata
Hoya serpens
Hoya pauciflora
Microgramma ?vaccinifolia A73
Brassavola nodosa
Impatiens nyamnyamensis

Mail to: Aat van Uijen

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Seedlings and cuttings