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Verkade-album 'Cactussen' van J. van Laren

This site gives an overview of all, according to the current and broadly accepted knowledge, valid species and genera of epiphytic cacti.

Of each species and genus are given the author(s) and litterature reference of the first description with Latin diagnosis (preceded with ◊◊) and, if the taxon has been renamed, also of the recombination (preceded with ◊). This is followed by the synonyms of this species or genus with reference to the publication. For most species a description of the plant is given. The distribution of the taxon is given, for genera accompanied by a distribution map. Finally some further reading in magazines and books is given. Here is an example.

For a species or genus can be searched in two ways.
• By clicking on Species, which prompts an alphabetical list of currently valid species and genera. By clicking on a name, the information about the chosen taxon appears.
• By clicking on Synonyms, which brings on the screen the information of the taxon to which the synonym belongs to the current insights.

• Under Abbreviations authors is a list with explanations of the abbreviations of author´s names.
• Under Abbreviations litterature is a list with explanations of the abbreviations of titles of magazines and books.
• A list of litterature about epiphytic cacti is found under Litterature.
• By clicking on Plant offerings, a list with available cuttings and seeds appears.
• References to other sites with epiphytic cacti is found under Links.

The illustrations used are photographs by the author or are from books of which copyright is expired.

Last update: June 1, 2020

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