Strophocactus krammii
(Kramm)Ostoloza, Pino & Fernández

◊ Quepo 34:6-16| (2020)
◊◊ KuaS 66(5):113-121 (2015)

- Stems up to 6 m long, 5-8 cm wide, with stout central vein. Spines absent or 15-20, acicular. Climbing stems form hanging stems up to 30 cm long. Flower up to 20 cm long, tube with up to 20 cm long hairs. Outer tepals yellow orange, inner tepals cream, slightly incurving. Fruit ovoid,4 cm long, 3 cm diameter, dark red, with dehiscent top. Seeds 3x2 mm, brown.

- Peru: flood forest in Loreto, prov. Requena en Maynas, near rivers Napo (confluence to Amazone river), Santa Rita, Nany, Momón and Ucayali. Flowering period end of May to end of June.

Quepo 30:27-36
EPIG 77:38; 80:1", 5-18"|; 84:41; 85:11", 52"