◊◊ Syn. Pl. Succ. 197 (1812)
Phyllocactus Linke - Handb. Erkenn. Gewächse 2:10 (1831)
Phyllocereus Miquel - Bull. Sci. Phys. Nat. Néerl. 112 (1839)
[Epiphyllum americanum Hermann - Par. Batavus Prodr. Add. 2 (1689)]
Marniera Backbg p.p. - CSJ(USA) 22:154 (1950)
Chiapasophyllum Dwld - Sukkulenty 4(1-2):43 (2002)
Type: Cactus phyllanthus L

- Primary stems cylindric and lignifying. Areoles with very small scales and felt and sometimes rudimentary spines. Secunadary stems flattened, with nakes areolens. Flowers nocturnal. Flowers are large and may scent. Ovary with linear or triangular scales, naked. Receptacle elongated, sometime bend, with small, widely spread bracteoles. Outer tepals greenish, yellowish, purplish of reddih or bronze red, often reflected. Inner tepals whit. Lower stamens spread over the receptacle, de upper ones in a whorl. Fruit round to ellipsoid, red tot purple, with scales on the podaria, making the fruit somewhat angled, when ripened longitudinally opening. Pulpa mostly white. Seed shiny black.

- Mexico, Central America to Peru, Paraguay, Brazil.

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