Disocactus speciosus ssp blomianus

◊ Cact. Syst. Init. 17:15 (2003)
◊◊ Heliocereus aurantiacus blomianus Kimn - CSJ(USA) 62(6):268" (1990)
Disocactus aurantiacus blomianus (Kimn)Meier - KuaS 48(1):7 (1997)

- At first upright, later pendant, green. Stems with three or four ribs, the base with five ribs, 1.5-2 cm diameter, to 3 m long, deeply sunken between ribs. Areoles 2-3 cm apart. Terminal areoles with much felt and up to six thin spines, up to 4 mm long. Flowers 15-18 cm long, 15-18 cm diameter. Ovary brown-yellow to green-yellow, with spines, white to brownisch. Receptacle 7.5-8.5 cm long, yellow-green, with small scales, felt and 2-6 spines. Petals orange-red. Stamens on the lower part green-yellow, on the upper part purple-red, anthers purple-white. Style cream at the base, becoming orange-red at the upper part.

- Mexico: Chiapas.

NCL 79"
EPIG 16(1):20-23"; 60:51-53"; 72:1", 5-17"