Selenicereus escuintlensis

◊ Cact. Syst. Init. 36:31 (2017)
◊◊ Hylocereus escuintlensis Kimn - CSJ(USA) 56(4):177' (1984)

- Rambling or pendant, up to 5 m long or more, three-angled, with highly concave sides. Stems dark green, 10-30 cm long or more, 3-4 cm diameter, edges sharp and mostly brown. Areoles 2-4 cm apart, with 1-2 mm long scales and brown-cream felt. Spines 1-2, sharp, thickened at the base, 1 1,5 mm long, brown. Flower 28-31 cm long, yellow-cream, scenting. Ovary slightly hairy. Outer petals greenish yellow, mostly with reddish edges and tips. Inner petals creame-white. Receptacle 18 cm long, scales mostly strongly reflected. Filaments yellow. Style light yellow, stigmas yellow. Fruit 9 cm long, 6,5 cm diameter, with scales, purple-red. Pulpa pinkish white. Seed 2,1x1,4x1 mm, smooth, black.

- Guatemala: San Marcos, Retalhuleu, Suchitepéquez, Escuintla, Quetzaltenango, Santa Rosa; El Salvador; Mexico: Chiapas.

NCL 139 EPIG 8(1):9'