Selenicereus murrillii

Selenicereus murrillii

◊◊ Cact. 2:206" (1920)
Mediocactus murrillii (Br&R)Dwld - Sukkulenty 1-2:42 (2002)

- Up to 6 m and more. Stems 8 mm thick, dark green, with many aerial roots. Ribs 7-8, low, smal, with flattened sides. Areoles 1-2 cm apart, with white wool. Spines 5-6, short, the two lower ondes longer, 1-2 cm l, reflexed, greenish tot blackish. Flower 15 cm long and broad. Areoles on ovary whit white felt and 1-3 spines, no hairs. Outer petals linear, spreading, green yellow, the outer ones with purplish backside. Inner petals broad spatulate, white. Filaments and stigmas cream.

- Mexico: Jalisco, Colima.

Backeberg 2:790
Bravo 1:462, 477
Bradleya 7:92
Cact. Syst. Init. 17:47
NCL 263
EPIG 64:15-19"