Rhipsalis pacheco-leonis

◊◊ Arch. Jard. Bot. Rio de Jan. 2:38 (1918)
Lepismium pacheco-leonis (Löfgr)Backbg - Kaktus-ABC 154 (1935)

- Pendant, irregularly branched, stems never in whorls, 7 mm diameter. Primary stems with 6-9 ribs, grey-green, 5-15 cm long or longer, 0.8-1 cm diameter. Areoles close together, with borsteldoorns, 6-7 mm long, white. Secundary stems emerald green, four- to six-angled. Stems between areoles alternating flat and edged (like in R. paradoxa). Areoles 3 cm apart, naked. Stems later almost cylindric. Flower lateral, pink-red, top darker. Stamens white. Pistil white. Fruit red or white with red upper part, round, 6-7 mm diameter.

- Brazil: Rio de Janeiro and Cabo Frio (T, epiphytic and terrestric in coastal forests. Flowering period October and November.

Cact. 4: 236
Backeberg 2:693
KuaS 25(9):200
Bradleya 13:52"
EPIG 4(4):94
NCL 256"
CEB 215
Succulenta 97(2):164", 165, (5):226
Rodriguésia 71 (2020)